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planets are formed in dust clouds

Le 11 juillet 2014, 06:38 dans Humeurs 0

There are billions of stars and planets in the universe. A star is glowing sphere of gas, while planets like Earth are made up of solids. The planets are formed in dust clouds that swirled around a newly formed star. Dust grains are composed of elements like carbon, silicon, oxygen, iron, and magnesium. But where does the cosmic dust come from? New research from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University shows that not only can grains of dust form in gigantic supernova explosions, they can also survive the subsequent shockwaves they are exposed to. 


The results are published in the scientific journal, Nature.


 How the cosmic dust is formed has long been a mystery to astronomers. 


The elements themselves are formed out of the glowing hydrogen gas in stars. The hydrogen atoms fuse together into heavier and heavier elements and in the fusion process the star emits radiation in the form of light, that is, energy. When all the hydrogen is exhausted and no more energy can be extracted, the star dies and giant clouds of gas are slung out into space, where they are recycled into new stars in a vast cosmic cycle.


The heavy elements are primarily formed in supernovae, which are massive stars that die in a gigantic explosion. But how do the elements grow into 'larger clumps' like cosmic dust grains?

however given a suspended prison

Le 8 juillet 2014, 08:53 dans Humeurs 0

The decision to detain him at Nanterre, near Paris, is an unprecedented step against a former president.


Mr Sarkozy's lawyer was questioned on Monday on suspicion of seeking inside information about a case against the former leader.


The latest developments are seen as a blow to Mr Sarkozy's attempts to challenge for the presidency in 2017.


Investigators are trying to find out whether Mr Sarkozy, who was president from 2007 to 2012, had promised a prestigious role in Monaco to a high-ranking judge in exchange for information.



Gilbert Azibert, one of the most senior judges at the court of appeal, was also called in for questioning on Monday. Another judge, Patrick Sassoust, was also held.


The decision to detain Mr Sarkozy is thought to be the first time a French former head of state has been held in police custody.


His predecessor, Jacques Chirac, was however given a suspended prison sentence in 2011 for embezzlement and breach of trust while he was mayor of Paris.




ozy for an initial period of 24 hours but can extend custody for another day.


evening as we the metaphor of life

Le 23 juin 2014, 10:12 dans Humeurs 0



Generally speaking, I am the dusk or the show special preference to the evening, four seasons, each of the beautiful, each have each color, or brilliant, or warm, or gold, or confused, can inspire my heart of the excitement, the sincerity, ancient poetry, the twilight of the description is sad cool, is negative, we then have a look old Mr. Zang Kejia's Poetry: "piece of soil water and mud, deep secret agents to go.


 The heart knows its sunset evening, not for taking since Fenti "although this is a song" Poems of cattle "poetry, but it is not difficult to see that good old gentleman on the evening sunset feeling and the" old people, One aims for the far-off future.


 Martyrs twilight, in high aspirations "face the evening of life the kind of lofty sentiments and aspirations.


Our life is like us every day, and evening as we the metaphor of life, he leads us to comprehend life of the quiet and indifferent, sunset calm and indifferent to the feelings of irritability tends to be gentle, evening does not represent the desolation and negative, we should look for the positive things from her beauty. 


I love the twilight, he quiet indifferent beauty, full of hope, he is the most short-lived flowers, the most beautiful colors after a day of busy, and give people a lot of progressive revelation, only the "but the setting sun is infinitely good, why mourn dusk" lament.

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